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BRESAL 2017: Europe and the Social  26-27 October 2017

Supported by the O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance and the School of Humanities Research Incentivisation Scheme NUI Galway


Europe, as continent, social community, and political union, is in crisis. Societies are fraught with economic instability and cultural tensions, while the refugee crisis has led to humanitarian devastation and renewed vociferous debate about the limits of inclusion and tolerance within European societies. The growth of far-right politics as well as the tone and tenor of its discourse present alarming threats in social, political and cultural realms. For states lying outside the boundaries of the European Union on the continent, perhaps differing concerns animate many of the same tensions. Europe and the world await to see how the UK’s exit from the EU will shift balances of power, prestige and access in European society and beyond.

Artists and scholars, through this symposium, are invited to question the relationship(s) across art, society and the past, present and future(s) of the European project through interdisciplinary enquiry and practice. Panels will explore the historical contexts of European arts practice, scholarship, politics, culture and society, as well as focus on the urgency of the present moment, and anxieties regarding the future. 

What is the role of the artist in the contemporary as well as historical moment in reshaping and calling into question the boundaries of “Europeanness” on scales ranging from the individual to the supra-national? What promise does looking towards practice-as-research as methodology and mode of social engagement at this particular juncture hold for European communities? And what warnings?

BRESAL is a forum for artists and scholars who are passionate about the intelligence of art. Based on the West Coast of Ireland, it was founded by the Burren College of Art, the Huston School of Film and Digital Media (NUI Galway) and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (UL). Its goal is to provide opportunities for artists-scholars to share their work, support doctoral level arts research, and advocate for recognition and support at a national and international level. The forum takes its name and inspiration from the mythical Celtic island of ‘Bresal’: an island off the West Coast of Ireland known to appear and disappear magically. It is a metaphor for our interest in art’s intelligence: sometimes obvious and sometimes illusive; both measurable and intangible.

 Note: There is a free event, but tickets must be reserved in advance. Please reserve tickets at: www.eventbrite.ie 






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